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Fanfic is broken down into
-mage'verse [the cast of the Dragon Flyz set in a swords and sorcery universe with the core four as heads of four elemental temples, inspired by LovelyKitta's drabble series]
-weredragon'verse [or what happens when a virus created by Gangryn causes the bite of one of the main dragons to jump species and rewrite their riders' DNA to include dragon in it. "Even a man who's pure of heart..."]
-beast'verse [besides being the 'verse that ate my LJ alive.. A different take on the Son of Dread episode, based originally on a fic idea inspired by Ry_Sabir that mutated [ha!] into the 'verse it is now]
-actor'verse [what really happens both on and off the camera for the cast of the hit TV series, "Dragon Flyz". Now with a hint of danger with the "business" Zhane is in danger of inheriting]
-dragon'verse [in which Z'neth/Summit/Apex/Peak are born as dragons, with the plus of having the ability to speak like humans. And with the added plus of a still there Iranda to help raise the quartet]
-vampire'verse [a mysterious new universe inspired by one of LovelyKitta's drabbles]
-pirate'verse [yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me..]
-alt'verse [Warnado and Airlandis are allies with the most unlikely of couples at the center - Dread Wing and Peak. Inspired by LovelyKitta's drabbles]
-mutant'verse [once again, another lovely drabble series by LovelyKitta inspired this one. What if two of the Dragon Flyz were raised by Dread as his sons?]
-bonded'verse [another LovelyKitta inspired. Read her fic "Cleansed" for background]
-demon'verse [yet another fantasy inspired Dragon Flyz 'verse]
-western'verse [cowboys, Indians, outlaws - the wild west will never be the same]
-marvel'verse [comic book geekery a-go!]
-underground'verse [humans either dwell underground or above the clouds and have to deal with Dread and his children {the result of his marrying a human female, Iranda} although, all is not what it seems with the children of Dread]
-farm'verse [Dragon Flyz meets Harvest Moon]

also, there are tags for "strongheartmaid", "lovelykitta", and "ry_sabir" to help ease in searching for who helped co-write what

edit yet again: http://dragon-flyz.livejournal.com/7670.html - for easy access to the master list of all fic composed in comm
http://dragon-flyz.livejournal.com/12187.html - for easy access to the master list of all fic posted in our journals [for easy access to find the fics we just so love]

Book: Dragon Flyz: Wild Dragons

I am on a roll today! Here's the last book! Again, sorry this took so long! And once more, I put it beneath the cut for easier reading.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Dragon Flyz, which is owned by Gaumont Pictures. The book below was published by Ladybird Books LTD. Please support the official release.

Dragon Flyz: Wild Dragons
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And I'm on a roll at long last! Here's the next book and again, I put it under the cut for easier reading.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Dragon Flyz, which is owned by Gaumont Pictures. The book below was published by Ladybird Books LTD. Please support the official release.

Dragon Flyz: Gangryn's Last Chance

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Wow this took forever and a half to post. Sorry about the wait! I put it under the cut for easier reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Flyz which is owned by Gaumont Pictures. The book below was published by Ladybird Books LTD. Please support the official release.

Dragon Flyz: First Flight
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A few interesting blog posts

I randomly stumbled across these blog posts, which were interesting reads on a bit of the history of the Dragon Flyz toys, and what may or may not have been released in the US. Thought you guys might enjoy the read (and the pics!) too. :)

Part One: http://anotherfblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/dragon-flyz.html

Part Two: http://anotherfblog.blogspot.com/2016/02/dragon-flyz-year-2-mysteries-revealed.html


AN: because annoying rabbit, that's why

Lilla Greymane glanced over at her intended's youngest cousin and gave him a tentative smile. "You must be Prince Peak," she said, her voice hesitant - almost as if she was unsure which of the twin brothers she was addressing. "I'm honored to meet you. I.. just wish it was under better circumstances." A faint wince crossed her face but she could easily explain it away if she was forced to - that accursed brace she wore was starting to get to her again. Hopefully he wouldn't make a snide comment about it, much like the other nobles were prone to doing. She knew she was crippled - she didn't need to be reminded.


Varian smiled at his half-brother and moved to embrace him. "Aaron, you old goat. You should have told me you were coming to pay a visit," he said, his tone almost too light, too forced with mirth that he wasn't honestly feeling. "So, all your children are with you?" he asked. Hopefully they were, he could use the distraction - especially after.. "Anduin's changed, Aaron," he said quietly. "Hopefully, with the arrival of his cousins, he'll return to his old self." He could only hope that would be the case - this dark path his only son was starting to tread worried him.

Actor'verse: Ham to Ham Combat

AN: the result of discussion that resulted in the thought that Z may have gained Dread's drama trait after being mutated into his son

Ailyn settled down on her favorite chair, a copy of the script in one hand and a mug of her favorite blend of coffee in the other. She took a small sip before allowing herself to read the script. She harshly swallowed her drink, coughing a watery cough, as she got to the start of a particular scene. She wordlessly looked up at her current boyfriend, a writer turned actor for the show. "Please, please tell me I'm not actually seeing this."

Siegfried took the script from her and skimmed it, his left eyebrow arching as high as humanly possible as he read it. "Right, sure," he said slowly. "I could buy it. He was mutated for a long time.." He paused and shook his head. "Although, think we'll have any scenery left at the end?"

Ailyn snickered softly before giving Derek a wry smile. "Congratulations, you've managed to corrupt Z'neth's speech patterns, Dread," she teased.

World Building: Sex and The City

*gets bricked for bad pun* Ow!

Okay, so a bunny actually got me thinking on this, but really, I've been curious about it for a long time.

How exactly would sex work on a city like Airlandis?

Right off, however this goes, one thing we can agree on would be that reproduction would be tightly controlled. There's no way around it, Airlandis literally doesn't have the room to spare for unplanned pregnancies (at least not to a grand scale). Maybe everyone's on mandatory birth control or something similar?

So, going back to sex, I see this going one of two ways. Either it's tightly controlled (but likely not demonized as it is today) or it's loosely controlled.

In the tightly controlled, basically Airlandians are taught to be choosy about their partners, perhaps even to stick with one life partner if they can.

In the loosely controlled, well, Airlandians have free range but are encouraged to still keep it safe via use of condoms and the like.

And honestly, I have to wonder if maybe Airlandis wouldn't encourage same-sex relationships. It does significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy (excluding a few of my own AU's) and in either version, it'd still fit. At the least, it might mean that bisexuality is considered the norm in either version. Of course there would likely still be jerks about it (there always are) but they'd also likely be few and far between.

And then, because I am the unrepentant fandom pervert, I have to wonder how sex work would work here. Would it just outright be nonexistent or would it just be a thing that no one really thinks about and it just exists in the background? I mean, logically speaking, Airlandis doesn't have to worry about things like stds or any of the other myriad of dangers of sex work (with a few exceptions, power abuse could likely still be in play here). So, would there actually be an Airlandian hidden brothel or would people just find those with a reputation for being adventurous/open about sex and ask?

Personally, I see the sex work thing as being more viable in the tightly controlled version, where it would and could serve a purpose over the loosely controlled version where it just....doesn't work. 
Ilona found herself wandering the strange castle she had found shelter in so many moons ago. Her amethyst hued eyes darted about the hallway, trying to take everything in while trying not to jump at every odd shadow, trying not to feel like someone or something was watching her. She raised the hem of the dress she had found slightly and stepped over a fallen pillar. She paused a moment, vainly trying to hear something - was that an echoed set of steps? She mentally shook herself, deciding that her mind was playing tricks on her. As far as she knew, she was the sole living inhabitant - bar the occasional small furry thing that came in to seek shelter.

And speaking of small furry things, she thought as she bent down to pick up the small fox kit that had started to shadow her. She cuddled him close before setting him back down to trot next to her. "And did you sleep well, Kitsu?" she asked, a soft laugh in her voice as the kit began to prance a bit in front of her. Strangely, it felt as if the little fox was guiding her to some location that she had no idea existed. "Not so fast," she called, lifting the hem a little higher so she could move better.


Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in the full extent of the greenhouse that Kitsu had led her to. So many flowers - so many colors. "Utsukushī hana," she breathed. She slowly made her way through the vast garden before she found them - the most beautiful roses she had ever seen. She knelt down, her hand hovering above a petal as if she was about to touch it when she heard something behind her..

(AN: Utsukushī hana - beautiful flower)
Skyla massaged her forehead, trying to deal with the growing ache that was forming. Her two sons (technically her grandsons but they had been raised as if they were her own sons) were squabbling again. "Skyhawk, Skylark," she admonished. "The two of you are too old to be squabbling over.." her voice trailed off as she absently gestured. "Whatever it is that you were squabbling over." She shot a weary look over at her husband, silently daring him to step in and help deal with the two boys. Hopefully Slam wasn't going to encourage her youngest - she really didn't need that headache.


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